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I take great pride in making a meaningful and measurable difference in the financial lives of my clients. These testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the quality of service and professionalism I offer. Please take time to read the following:

If you are looking for excellent customer service, a trusted, efficient and results oriented adviser give Sanjay a try. You have nothing to lose but an opportunity to work with the best.

We highly recommend Sanjay as a financial advisor to any entrepreneur or working professional. We would not hesitate to refer our friends to Sanjay for their financial planning. In the years he has been working with us, he has provided exemplary service, keeps us regularly updated on the status of our investments, and meets with us at our convenience. He presents information to us in understandable terms, suggests the best funds to maximize our investments, and truly cares about our financial future. We feel secure in having Sanjay manage our portfolio, both now and in our retirement years.

Sanjay has gone above and beyond to gain our trust and confidence.

Diane and Dino Cito
Etobicoke, Ontario

I have known and worked with Sanjay over the past two years and can say that he is a man with great integrity and is true to his values. His passion for the success of his clients and business partners is evident in his day-to-day activities and he always strives to achieve the best for all. Sanjay goes beyond professionalism and manages to walk that fine line between personable and professional that so may people miss. I would highly recommend working with him.

Mac Rao
President & CEO
SAIBA Imports Inc.|SAIS Transaction Systems Inc.

I have known and trusted Sanjay for three years. Running my business takes up most of my time and energy. When I’m at home I want to spend that time with my family. It is difficult for me to thoroughly examine and make decisions about my personal financial strategy on a consistent basis. This is where Sanjay comes in.

Sanjay is a devoted family man like myself and those values are important to me when considering whom I am to trust. Sanjay knows how to tie the business issues in with the personal issues to maximize my financial position and protect my family. I am fully aware that as time marches on, my needs are ever changing. Sanjay is always looking to better my position and when needed he contacts me in order to do so. It’s comforting to know I have a finance professional looking out for me so I can focus on my business.

P. L. Gour
CHUTNEY’s Fine Indian Cusine.